Are you a Professional Balloon Artist?

Manage a list of balloons for either your whole inventory, a project, or just as a reminder to buy certain items.

Save time by making an order directly from your mobile to your favorite balloon dealer, or send the list through the cart page to your own email

Currently supporting only latex balloons made by Qualatex. 

An app that knows the language of Balloons

No one knows what you mean when you say you like the coral color, or that you are out of 260q Caribbean Blue. But Balloon Stock speaks your language and with its built in auto complete - it saves you time as well.

Why Zivi Kivi, CBA, developed the Balloon Stock mobile app

Here the story of how a kid asked for a yellow sword and Zivi didn't have any yellow 260q available...

Zivi Kivi is the host of the Balloon Artist Podcast show

Twister? Decorator? FILTERS!

On your setting page - you can choose to filter the cataloge and only see 260s, or only twisters balloons. Need to refresh your decor stock? simply filter to show only non twisters balloons and it will show you only round balloons. 

Control Multiple Lists

You have three default lists for your need - but feel free to customize their names and add more lists - one for each project you have!

One app to rule all of your Balloon lists -
coming soon features

Balloon Stock is the only app for iOS and Android devices that manages your balloons stock proffesionally

Share your features

I am taking feature requests from Balloon Artists from all around the world and document them on the fb page

More Lists

Give a list a name and manage multiple lists (Supported in V1.0!)

Sort the Lists

Sort balloons by color or by date or by size (Supported via search bar in V1.0!)

Add an item to the DB

If an item is not in the catalogue feel free to add it to the Data Base via email to Zivi Kivi (M3)

Backup your requests

This feature is already supported. Worked on a list and emailed it but the email never arrived your client? contact us and we will fetch the information for you

Sync with Dropbox

This feature request can help power couples to share one inventory list (not decided yet)

Support more brands

Supported as of V1.1 (Aug 15th)

Generic / Customer

You can choose if you want to work with one distributor (and get a coupon for free) or work with the unlocked version

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